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Inspired by You

CEO and founder Beatrice Purdy shared a frustration with millions of other women. She was fed up with American sizing norms that didn’t embrace her shape and tired of ill-fitting, uncomfortable clothes designed off unrealistic standards. As a 20-year retail industry veteran, she knew women needed more.

When Bea encountered an emerging sizing technology that combined SIZE with SHAPE – known today as ShapeLogic – she knew she found something special. 

These were the seeds of Measure & Made.

"This was a dream born out of frustration. I was tired of blaming myself for clothes that didn’t fit me as they should. I knew there had to be a better system to find clothes that fit and boost women’s confidence. 
That’s why I founded Measure & Made."

Beatrice Purdy

CEO & Founder


Effortless Fit for Your Shape

At Measure & Made, we believe that every woman deserves to wear pants that celebrate her natural shape with a custom-like fit. Designed with comfort and style in mind, our pants have a living waistband and just the right amount of stretch so women look good AND feel great. 350,000 pairs later, we are thrilled to see more and more women finding their perfect pants. No waist gaps. No alterations. No fitting room fatigue. Just comfort that moves with your body and is inspired by the shape of YOU.

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