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ShapeLogic Technology

It’s our job to fit the clothes to your body; it’s not your job to fit your body to the clothes.

The Magic is in Our Technology

American sizing norms were created in the 1950’s by people who (ahem!) didn’t wear women’s clothes. Rooted in the fantasy of an hourglass figure - a shape that applies to only 8% of all women - these norms have barely changed in over 50 years! In addition, vanity sizing - the practice of sizing down - varies wildly from brand to brand and makes the process even more confusing. Bottom line: the struggle to find a good fit is real.

The magic of Measure & Made is ShapeLogic. Developed over a period of 15 years with data from thousands of women of different sizes, shapes, ages and ethnicities, our patented fit technology takes a woman’s size AND shape into account.

We determine your Size.Shape number through a short quiz called the ShapeLogic Quiz. Answer just a few simple questions and the result is unique to you. With over 100 different fit combinations, each size.shape is designed independently. Available in 3 shapes and sizes 0-28, that’s 3X more than conventional sizing options! Once you have your ShapeLogic size, your shopping experience automatically becomes tailored to YOU!

sized to the shape of you

 With ShapeLogic 

9 out of 10 Women Match 1 of 3 Shapes

  • Straight Waist & Hips
  • Flatter Bottom
  • Slim to Average Thighs

Your waist is less defined and blends into your hips. You typically gain weight first around your middle. Your hips may extend only slightly and your bottom is fairly flat instead of round. Your fullness is carried right under your waist and you may have a tummy. Your waist could be larger than your hips.

  • Defined Waist & Hips
  • Average to Curvy Bottom
  • Medium Thighs

Your waist is noticeably smaller than your hips. You are a classic hourglass shape. You carry fullness along the hip and at the sides, back or both. Your silhouette becomes smaller from the hips to the knees. You typically gain weight all over or in the hips right at the top of your legs.

  • Small Waist
  • Abundant Bottom & Hips
  • Thick Upper Thighs

Your waist is very small in comparison to your hips. Often known as a “pear shape”, you gain weight first in your lower bottom and upper thighs. Most of your fullness is carried in your lower bottom and thigh. Looking at your body from the side, your rear is the most prominent.

ShapeLogic Solves 
These Common Fit Problems

For Shape 1, pants that fit the waist are too big in the hips and thighs.

For Shape 2, pants that fit the hips are about an inch too big in the waist.

For Shape 3, pants that fit the thighs are about 3 inches too big in the waist and dip in the back creating a gap.

Which Shape Are You?

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