Gather Your Besties

Host a Shape Soiree and share the magic of Measure & Made. You will earn rewards and join a supportive community that empowers women.

Host a Shape Soiree


What is a Shape Soiree?

Bring your girlfriends together for fashion and fun along with one of our independent Shapesetters. Sip and socialize while everyone learns their ShapeLogic size to find PANTS THAT FIT! Shape Soirees can happen in-person or virtually.

Why Host a Shape Soiree?

As a Shape Soiree host, you earn Shape Points (which convert to Savings) AND $50 Product Credits. Best of all, you are empowering women to feel confident in their shape and live their best lives!

Host Rewards

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Shape Soiree Sales$$$ = Shape Points
Must sign up as VIP Insider to earn points
Shape Points Convert to Savings
10 points = $1 to spend
Product Credit*
$1 - $499$1 Spent = 1 Point
Total Purchases = $250, you have 250 points
250 Points = $25 to spend
1 $50 Product Credit
$500 - $999$1 Spent = 1.5 Points
Total Purchases = $650, you have 975 points
975 Points = $97.50 to spend
2 $50 Product Credits
$1,000 or more$1 Spent = 2 Points>
Total Purchases = $1,200, you have 2,400 points
2,400 Points = $240 to spend
3 $50 Product Credits

* Host will receive additional $50 product credit for each $500 in sales over the $1,500 up to a maximum of 10 $50 product credits. $50 product credits cannot be combined toward purchase of one item.

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