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Measure & Made’s mission is to give every woman the confidence she deserves by celebrating her natural beauty, talent, and personal power.


Our Mission

At Measure & Made, we’re driven by a desire to help women look and feel their best by embracing their natural beauty and shape. We know that one-size-fits-all is an outdated notion because beauty comes in all shapes and sizes! Our proprietary, women-invented ShapeLogic technology delivers custom-like fit that considers a woman’s size AND shape. The result is beautifully-made, well-fitting clothes that enhance a woman’s silhouette and self-confidence. 

But the dream of Measure & Made is even bigger. We aim to empower women in business by giving them the opportunity to share their talent and be entrepreneurs - all while getting the support and community they need. Like our pants, our business model is flexible because everyone’s life is shaped differently. The true measure of a woman has nothing to do with the size of her clothing. It’s about the confidence, authenticity, and comfort she feels with herself and her body. We believe that by helping and encouraging each other, we can make a difference in other women’s lives while enhancing our own. 

We invite you to take part in our movement and think of Measure & Made as your “extended family”. Participate as much or as little as you like. But whatever role you choose, you can be sure of a warm and forward-looking community to support you.

Our Values


Whatever your size, shape, race or age, you are welcome in our community. And for us, it’s not just lip service. We offer 3 X the variety of sizes than any traditional brand because we truly believe that all women deserve well-fitting clothes!


We celebrate YOU. Not only do we want you to feel confident in your body with custom-like clothes, we want you to feel confident in your life. We help you become your own boss, live your best life and control your destiny. You Can Do Anything in Pants That Fit™.


We believe in working to meet the changing needs of women. Our proven ShapeLogic technology was developed to replace outdated sizing systems that no longer serve women and deliver a shopping experience that is truly revolutionary.


We are a supportive, caring environment that provides a place of belonging to all women. Whatever your background, we will provide development and training for you. We like to say – your business is for yourself, but you are never alone.

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