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The secret is in the science

Cricket Lee conceptualized and developed FITLOGIC®, the patented sizing system, to standardize fit so that it feels like the garment was custom-made. FITLOGIC® was first proven with the Little Black Pant and is now part of all Measure & Made bottoms!

Scientifically developed and tested over a 15 year period (Cricket threw out the book on how fashion is currently made and sold), Cricket’s system provides you with a personal two-number decimal system to identify both your size and shape. Knowing your FITLOGIC® symbol is the key to getting a perfect fit in pants.

Natasha Gabrielle Lee created the Original Little Black Pant to train women as well as the fashion industry to separate fit and style and give women a way to identify their unique fit. Her merchandising eye is impeccable, and she is setting out to lead the fashion industry in adopting and dressing women with the FITLOGIC® technology. Natasha also created the size.shape decimal system as your personal fit identification, which is not only revolutionary but easily identifiable.

With FITLOGIC® 94.8% Of Women Fall Into 1 Of 3 Shapes

Shape 1 +
Straight Waist and Hips, Flatter Bottom, and Slim to Average Thighs

You are a body shape 1 if your waist is less defined and blends into your hips. You typically gain weight first around your middle. Your hips may extend only slightly, and your bottom is fairly flat instead of round. You may have previously worn a straight type of pant or believe you have more of a boyish figure. Your fullness is carried right under your waist and you may have a tummy. Your waist could be larger than your hips.

Shape 2 +
Defined Waist and Hips, Average to Curvy Bottom, and Medium Thighs

You are a body shape 2 if your waist is noticeably smaller than your hips. You are a classic hourglass shape. You carry fullness along the hip and at the sides, back or both. Your silhouette becomes smaller from the hips to the knees. You typically gain weight all over or in the hips right at the top of your legs.

Shape 3 +
Small Waist, Abundant Bottom and Hips, and Thick Upper Thighs

You are a body shape 3 if your waist is very small in comparison to your hips. You are a pear shape, and you gain weight first in your lower bottom and upper thighs. Most of your fullness is carried in your lower bottom and thigh. Looking at your body from the side, your rear is the most prominent.

FITLOGIC® Solves These Common Fit Problems

Our Perfect Fit Guarantee

Your product comes with a 30-day unconditional money-back guarantee for fit and product satisfaction.

Finding your perfect fit is our top priority, so exchanges are free! For your first order, if you need to exchange for a different size please call Customer Service to speak with a fit specialist at (800)-250-4255 within 30 days of delivery and we will send you the new size at no charge. It’s so easy to find your perfect fit!

If you would prefer to return vs. exchange, please call Customer Service within 30-days of delivery for an RMA# and free shipping label. Once item(s) are received by us, we will quickly refund the original purchase amount less a $5 warehouse restocking fee.