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  • Looking to earn a few hundred dollars extra a month? No problem.
  • Seeking a whole new income stream? You can create that. 
  • Ambitious to reach the highest levels of affluence? If you have the talent and skills, we have the vehicle.

Like every business, setting the shape of your future requires your time and enthusiasm. The more you commit to your own success, the greater your rewards. Our job is to help you along the way.

Understanding our Compensation Plan

Our generous compensation plan rewards you fairly at every level of business.

If you know anything about social selling, you know that it is fun, powerful and pretty simple: share Measure & Made products and invite others to do the same. That’s how you’ll start earning commissions.

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How Commissions

Our compensation plan gives you SEVEN ways to earn in THREE main phases. 

1.    Share Phase

This is the most important (and most fun!) part: building your base of happy customers.

Income Source #1 — 20% Base Commission on Retail Sales (get paid every time a customer buys because of your referral)

Income Source #2 — Up to 15% Enhanced Commissions on Retail Sales (extra commissions based on volume)

2.    Build Phase

Get other enthusiastic individuals to join you in sharing Measure & Made’s great products.

Income Source #3 — Enroller Bonuses (bonuses you receive from sales made by Shapesetters you enroll)

Income Source #4 — Level Bonuses (bonuses you receive from sales made by Shapesetters in your organization).

3.    Mentor Phase

This is the advanced stage of your business where you are focused on inspiring and growing leaders. 

Income Source #5 — Rank Advancement Bonuses (one-time bonuses to reward you as you achieve advanced ranks within a given time)

Income Source #7 — Generational Bonuses (additional bonuses you can earn on your entire organization)

National Leadership Bonus Pools

A special pool created from the company’s profits and shared with leading Shapesetters based on their achievements.

A Level Playing Field

We are inclusive & transparent

To ensure fairness for every Measure & Made Shapesetter, compensation is based on clearly defined qualifications and conditions. You can learn about these by reviewing the complete Compensation Plan — or ask your Shapesetter for guidance.

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Base Retail & Enhanced Commissions

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Your Personal Retail Sales (PRS)*
(based on SRP)
in Qualifying Month
Base & Enhanced Retail Commission RatesDifferential & Enhanced Commissions on VIP Customers & Referrals
Up to $49920% Base 10% Base**
$500 to $1,999Plus 5% Plus 5% 
$2,000 to $3,999or, Plus 10% or, Plus 10% 
$4,000 or more or $10,000 TGRSor, Plus 15% or, Plus 15% 

* The sum of the Suggested Retail Price (SRP) for all products purchased by your retail and automatic renewal order customers, by your VIPs and their referrals, and by you (in reasonable quantities for personal use) in one month.

** You will receive 20% base commission on the first sale from your new VIP Insider.

Rank Advancement Bonuses

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RankAchieved By
(full months after enrollment)
(consistent months after qualification)
One-Time BonusNumber of Monthly Payments
Senior Shapesetter (SS)21$1001
Team Builder (TB)42$5001
Team Leader (TL)83$1,0001
Team Executive (TE)124$5,0002
Senior Team Executive (STE)156$15,0003
National Team Executive (NTE)2412$50,0005

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