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My Everything Jeans

I can see myself doing anything and everything in these jeans. They are comfortable and the material feels good and moves with me. They are perfect!


ShapeLogic 2.3

Fits My Body Really Nice

I have lots of issues when it comes to buying a pair of jeans because I’m short and curvy. Putting these jeans on was so much smoother and nicer. They were made for my exact measurements.


ShapeLogic 6.2

Easiest Experience

I have to say this was probably the easiest experience I had trying on a pair of jeans. Perfect length, really really comfortable. Made to fit my body. Perfect in the waist, where it falls, the way it fits, there is no gapping. Quite frankly, I never tried on a pair of jeans this easy.


ShapeLogic 2.1

Go Buy Them

Sometimes I have a little bit of a muffin top so it’s hard to zip up my jeans. These are not sagging in the butt and fit perfectly. I would definitely tell my friends and family to go buy them. I love them! They are perfect!


ShapeLogic 4.2

Shape Definitely Matters

When I buy pants off-the-rack, I need to take them in at the waist. These pants fit my hips and waist. They’re perfect. I love them!


ShapeLogic 8.3

My New Go-To Jeans

Last time I bought a pair of jeans I had to exchange them three times. Usually, I never trust online fit guides but Measure & Made’s ShapeLogic was pretty accurate. These are my new go-to jeans. I can wear them anywhere, anytime.


ShapeLogic 0.2

I Would Pay More

With these jeans, you can actually dress them up or down. You can wear them with tennis shoes or high heels. So why not just have a couple of pairs of jeans instead of 10 jeans that you have to suck in. I would actually pay more for these jeans because I know they fit.


ShapeLogic 10.1

Fits Perfect Everywhere

When I tried them on the first time, there was no mirror. I just looked at myself and said, “Wow!” I feel comfortable, confident and excited to walk around in these pants and get compliments.


ShapeLogic 2.3

Best Jeans I've Ever Worn

I probably have about 10 jeans and I only wear a couple. It’s frustrating! I should just get rid of them. The length on my Measure & Made is amazing. It’s perfect! I’m tall and I don’t have to worry about them being too short.


ShapeLogic 8.2

Make Me Feel Confident

I was amazed on how well they fit. They’re snug in the waist so they don’t feel like they will fall off and they give shape to my leg and through the thighs. They look great and I feel like I can take on the world!


ShapeLogic 14.3

Fit Like A Glove

When my pants arrived, they fit like a glove. Not too loose, not too tight. I love that they are sleek and stylish and go well with anything. For me, the most important thing in a pair of pants is comfort because I sit at the computer for many hours a day working and when I’m not, I’m tending to my kids, cleaning up the house or running errands around town. These pants are comfortable and move with me.

Jennifer M.

ShapeLogic 6.3

Custom-Like Pants

Your girl from luxepluslife.com and I want to show you these pants from Measure & Made. The concept is wonderful!  It allows you take a quiz where they ask questions specific to your body type, what size you usually wear, your height and deliver a custom-like pair of pants. If you want a pair of pants that fit you well, there’ nothing like them!

Stephanie Robertson

ShapeLogic 20.2

Like They Were Made For Me

The concept is wonderful! I took the ShapeLogic Quiz which was very quick to find my Measure & Made size. When I got my jeans, they fit me perfectly! They fit great in the waist. They also hug my hips in a nice way and fit my thighs without being too tight. I love how they look in the back. I feel like these jeans were made for me.

Jolene Goring

ShapeLogic 6.2

Finally Found Jeans That Fit

I have struggled for years to find a jean that fits and finally found it – Measure & Made! It fits in the waist and length. The legs are comfortable, not too tight. These straight jeans are the best jeans I’ve ever had! I’m going to throw out everything else in my closet and just get Measure & Made!


ShapeLogic 24.3

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